Video - Ford Fiesta RS Turbo 2.1 zvh for sale

Videa Ford RS Ford Fiesta RS Turbo 2.1 zvh for sale

Ford Fiesta RS Turbo 2.1 zvh for sale

Hi everyone, This was never supposed to be my first post on here but i've just had 2 companies go bust on my small engineering company and i have to take steps at making sure i'm able to cover the huge loss or i will have to close. My weekend love is on the list to one piece or many. It would be a crying shame to see my beauty broken up but if offers aren't high enough out will come the spanners. The car is taxed and mot'd and i think, in very good condition. I have a load of receipts for the car and full service history. This car was built as a marketing tool by a local garage in Nottingham called WK Auto Solutions. The owner,Wayne has previously built an escort zvh,which was a magazine cover car for Fast Ford. I think the work is absolutely brilliant with the attention to detail incredible in places. The donor car Wayne sourced originally was the best example available at the time. As i have my other cars worked on at WK i saw the fiesta at various stages of the build and was always fascinated with the extent of the modifying but never thought i'd get to own it. The car was built and ready for Ultimate Street Car 2009 at Santa Pod after nearly a 2 year build. As it turned out in the end,.......Wayne took his freshly tuned Evo to do some testing on the strip. So the fiesta never made it! The car got sold soon after USC to a friend of Wayne's.............Only to return 3 weeks later with the new owner asking if he knew anyone interested in it. He had driven ...




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