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rust free yes rust and out,1650 cvh mahle race pistons, stage 4 head ,t2 hybrid turbo,full samco hoses,scorpion 4 inch, 195 ofab chip s2 gearbox lsd,beige injectors,uprated fuel pump 350 bhp,mondeo 16 , 195/45 16 yokos,paddle clutch(300bhp)236bhp.mods waiting 2 fit 3.5 mirrors.fitted 520mm airtec rad. fitted., 200 bhp plus front mounted intercooler stage2 fitted, green injectors , drilled and grooved discs fitted, red suspension tops.fitted..paint drums red.lots of chrome , struts front and rear .will upload new tube when she is clean been sitting around 4 a month.hope 2 have upgrades on with dyno should b 270 bhp also just invested in a t3 stage 3. due 2 xmas all will b fitted april 11 as she is now striiped down cheers 4 looking new update most things have now been fitted just will need a rolling road it will b around the southend area on a saturday night

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