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Videa Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Movement Contest Entry

Ford Fiesta Movement Contest Entry

Follow my Fiesta Agentness here: Turns out I won a car! Hit "Subscribe" above for more Fiesta videos soon! :D Thanks to everyone who helped out: Charlie Puth: Matt Elwood: Shelby Malone: Toby Turner: The Perry Brothers (SAP and Ponceman): MY LINKS: Watch my other videos: Twitter: Facebook: MySpace: BlogTV: Lyrics: Ever since my old car broke down I'm finding it hard to go visit Sarah, it takes me about two hours to go and visit her house. And our dates consist of Youtube and Chinese take-out. Oh, I know my life just sounds so fun, but it's nothing without my Ford Fiesta. On Youtube I got tons of subs over 29 of them, and only 7 are my relatives, I've also got a bunch of views very frequently over 100 And I always get recognized on the street... trust me that guy knew me. Plus there's no more towels in the laundry room, so I need my Ford to get to the store real soon. Without my Ford everything seems to be going oh-so-wrong. My friends say, "Let's go to a party." "No, I'll stay home and play some Wii and Ping-pong." And I can't go to that special video store... to get... well, you know G-rated appropriate for all ages kind of video that's also universally accepted by Youtube's terms of service and also respects the standard guidelines of this Ford contest. Well I need this ford to prove I'm not a ...

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