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Videa Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Miami: Carface

Ford Fiesta Miami: Carface

Once upon a time there was a man named Tony who landed on these fair shores from an island not so far away, looking for the American dream ... it involved a woman, a great American car, and the best cup of coffee ... oh, and maybe a chicken, too. This is his story. Our final Ford Fiesta mission was a hoot to shoot. You don't see much of me in it, but believe me, I am all over this video. And we had the privilege of working with local comedic genius Freddy Stebbins! If you haven't seen the classic flick Scarface, you might miss some of the goofiness here. But we still hope you'll love it. Shot on location in South Beach and Little Havana. Points of interest: Carlyle Hotel, for one (home to Bird Cage, another classic South Beach flick). As well, El Exquisito Restaurant, Maximo Gomez Domino Park, Tower Theater (in the background) -- all in Little Havana. The best scene of all -- Freddy Stebbins playing Tony Montana's sister with Brad right in front of the controversial home of Elian Gonzalez near Miami High School. Although Brad and I storyboarded the video, everything was improvised.

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