Video - Ford FE 352 First start after rebuild.

Videa Ford Galaxy Ford FE 352 First start after rebuild.

Ford FE 352 First start after rebuild.

Me and my dad built this engine, but mostly me, it has stock bore, just honed, stock crank, just polished, new rings, new gaskets, new bearings new oil pump, stock flattop pistons with new wrist pins, new 390 cam, new lifters, new seals, new water pump, new fuel pump, edelbrock performer 390 intake, edelbrock 750 cfm manual choke carb, hardened valve seats, new keepers, new clutch and pres. plate, new starter, clark 265 5 speed transmission, MSD ready to run Distributor, MSD plug wires that need to be shortened, Autolite plugs, MSD Blaster coil. The engine had low miles on it when I rebuilt it but it had been sitting awhile. Originally was in a 1966 Ford Galaxy with a automatic. I took a 330 M/D out of a 66 Ford B700 School bus and took the bellhousing, flywheel, and trans for my engine. It was going to go in my 1947 Ford truck, but then I got a 43 Ford truck with a good running flathead 6 in it and decided to just keep the flathead. Don't quite yet know what to do with this engine yet.



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