Video - Ford Falcon XB John Goss Special. JGS

Videa Ford Falcon Ford Falcon XB John Goss Special. JGS

Ford Falcon XB John Goss Special. JGS

John Goss Specials were based on an XB Falcon 500 Hardtop 302ci with the GS Rally Pack added. This included a GT dash and steering wheel, GT style '12 Slotter' wheels, GT style bonnet with lockdowns, and GT side vents. Colour choice was limited to either Apollo Blue over white or Emerald Fire (green) over white Actual production numbers of these cars were never released by Ford, but media reports of the day place the total numbers of John Goss Specials produced at somewhere between 260 and 800. thanks to Anna & James -(the Vegemite King) for helping make the vid.

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