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Videa Ford Falcon Ford Falcon 351-GT Moffat race cars.wmv

Ford Falcon 351-GT Moffat race cars.wmv

The Ford GT club put on a Ford GT Muscle Car day so I had a trip to heaven today when I went down to Maroochydore to see the Allan Moffat race cars along with a heap of other FORD & Falcon 351-GT's & GTHO's. Many of these cars are worth $100000's & the race cars are easily worth $1000000 yet people drive their cars on the road. I was amazed! Most of Moffat's cars were driven to the display although they didn't have far to go. They all live at Buderim. The 1971 Ford Falcon XY GTHO phase 3 gave Moffat his first Australian Touring Car title in group 3 racing in 1973 & the first year a Ford Falcon won the Touring Car Championship. Ah.......... to return to those heady days...............

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