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Ford F-250 Super Duty Audio Build

Documented 2003 F-250 Super Duty Super Cab Audio Build. Couldn't find a guideline with this model so I decided to share my work. From rear seat backrest modification for Amp and Crossovers, to sound deadening and speaker installation, wiring, 2 10" amplified MTX Thunderform subwoofer and even the BIG 3 / BIG 4. Hope this helps the next /03 F-250 Superduty Super Cab owner. Taking into consideration the fact that most of the gear used in this build was purchased at, I decided to go ahead and enter this vid into their 2010 video contest. You can follow the entire build with commentary @

Ford F-250 Super Duty, Super Cab Audio Build, MTX Thunderform, JL C5-570X, Sony MEX3800U, Dynamat Xtreme, Big 3 upgrade, Sonicelectronix,, 2010, video, contest



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