Video - Ford F-150: Way of Life

Videa Ford F-150 Ford F-150: Way of Life

Ford F-150: Way of Life Credits: Advertising Agency: Team Detroit, USA Art Directors: Paul Kirner, Brad Hensen Creative Director: Toby Barlow Producer: Craig Mungons Design & Animation Company: Offspring Director: Vince Haycock (of AVSO) DP: Neil Shapiro CD: Adam Levite AD(s): Wes Richardson, Gerald Soto EP: Joanna Fillie Producer: Amy Kindred Editorial: Offspring Editor: Cassidy Gearhart Editor: Tina Mintus (of Version2) Telecine: Company 3 Colorist(s): Dave Hussey, Rob Sciarratta VO Talent: Dennis Leary Music: Sacred Noise Shoot Location: Mojave Desert, CA Aired: November 2008

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