Video - Ford Explorer Rollover- Shockingly Unstable Vehicle

Videa Ford Explorer Ford Explorer Rollover- Shockingly Unstable Vehicle

Ford Explorer Rollover- Shockingly Unstable Vehicle

This video, with cameras from three different angles, shows some simple testing of a Ford Explorer with a tire tread separation that revealed a shockingly unstable vehicle in these test circumstances, worse than even the test engineers anticipated. The driver, helmeted and strapped into a racing harness, was not seriously injured, but it is not hard to imagine that a person in a regular seatbelt would have been seriously injured or worse. The Kelley/Uustal Law Firm has investigated and brought to trial various vehicle defect cases, including Ford Explorer Roll-Over cases. Find out more at: http Kelley/Uustal - Justice For All Kelley/Uustal is a South Florida law firm specializing in personal injury, medical malpractice, auto accident, automobile defects, and wrongful death. We represent clients in Florida & across the US. 700 Southeast 3rd Avenue Suite 300 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1154 (954) 522-6601

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