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Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4L V8

In advance, I apologize for the poor quality of the video. Didn't have my camera at the moment. You can thank Apple's beautiful iPhone video recroder for this. (pun intended) here's a link to some still pictures: Just a quick tour of my expy all polished and cleaned up :) I just inherited it recently, and the most I've done is give her a couple of good waxes and added some vent visors. what i currently have in mind is adding the hood deflector, getting her lifted 2 1/2 inches, getting 33 inch all terrain tires (still don't know what to do with the rims, thinking the chrome wheel & black rim would look good), new exhaust system and tips (might go with Magnaflow, maybe K&N intake), paint trailer hitch black (it's all rusted up), getting the driver and passenger side windows tinted, and the rest of them a bit darker, new grill (don't want chrome), remove running boards & replace with black nerf bars, debadging it, new tailight/headlight lenses (might get new LED's too), and getting an Alpine or Kenwood decal for the rear window. as for the interior, I'm going for a radar detector (gotta avoid the sirens, lol) new stereo system (anyone know anything about those bluetooth ones that you can hook up your phone to and listen to music?), gonna try to get LED lights on the floor, subs, amps, replace the carpet with black liner, and that's about all I have in mind for now! I don't plan on taking her to climb rocks, but I might go mudding occasionally. Let me know ...

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