Video - Ford Excursion destroyed after Semi-truck

Videa Ford Excursion Ford Excursion destroyed after Semi-truck

Ford Excursion destroyed after Semi-truck

October 25, 2011 about 5:30 am on a clear night I was driving this Excursion and a 34' trailer along a straightaway when I hit a patch of black ice. My truck jack-knifed three times down the highway. I was afraid I was going to go into the ditch. I was very fortunate to bring the truck and trailer, jack-knifed, to a stop. As I was trying to straighten out...a semi-truck, at the beginning of the straightaway (over 1km), came towards me. i'm thinking "Great, he'll see me and stop any traffic while I straighten out." I was wrong. He continued and about 12 seconds before, I stopped my truck and ran out...I was literally in mid-air jumping into the ditch, covering my head, when his semi-truck destroyed my truck and trailer. The impact threw the 8000 lbs Excursion over 200 feet. The sound was surreal. The semi-truck driver said "I didn't see you..." You can see the rear axle was completely torn off...

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