Video - Ford Excursion 24 valve Cummins turbo Diesel engine swap

Videa Ford Excursion Ford Excursion 24 valve Cummins turbo Diesel engine swap

Ford Excursion 24 valve Cummins turbo Diesel engine swap

2003 Ford Excursion with 24 valve Cummins Turbo Diesel. My dad did this swap 15000 trouble free miles ago. It was a long difficult swap that was done right from start to finish. Not these hack jobs you see on ebay. This started out as an Eddie Bower V-10 2 wheel drive. The V-10 was bad and this truck and it only had 103000 miles. I sourced a 24 valve cummins engine with only 70000 miles on it. The fuel system was converted with all new hose with an airdog system sending bubble free fuel up to the brand new injection pump. New injectors and new turbo. The swap kit and some new hoses and new OEM intercooler and tranny cooler later this truck was almost finished. The power puck was added and the cummins computer reflashed. Compushit shift computer was added. AC lines welded and system charged. Front leveling kit, new shocks and new wheels/tires. Pillar guages keep me informed of the boost and temps. I pull a 30ft boat weighing 10000 lbs once in a while. This truck pulls it like there is nothing back there. If the damn boat cover wouldn't blow off at speeds over 75mph I could cruise 80-85mph no problem.

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