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Ford Escort mk1 rs1600 Cosworth BDA

Fully original restored Escort mk1 rs1600, no reshell. Imported from Switzerland. Delivered from new 1972 Ford Switzerland original LHD Daytona Yellow car. Following mods, Ralloy alloy radiator with elec fan, Bilstein F&R, AP brakes, fully rebuild longstem big valve 1700 BDA on 45dcoe9 Motorsport extra big wing sump bd3's, Contour seats/headrests new Beta, LSD, Cibie diode, ss big bore exhaust, alloy bellhousing, Ford 5,5Jx13 rims, Halda, Springalex deep dish, Butlers map etc. Done? Not yet. Engine replacement soon by siamese 711F (yes F not M) blocked 1900cc BDA. In doubt wet sump or dry sump. Offers? Just kidding or it must be like the last one sold in Scandinavia for 75K Questions/replies

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