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Ford Escort Cosworth 700bhp

Stian Hafsengen drive this monster cossie and someone motherf!!cker scream behind a camera...When you see the way this car turned out, you would probably never believe it's the same car that Stian begun working on in 2003.This car is an actual WRC-Escort that Carlos Sainz won the Africa Rally in 1999 with. Specs: Engine: 2000 16v Turbo Cosworth Turbo: Megatron F1 Transmission: X-track 6 speed sequential Brakes: AP Racing 355mm 6-pot callipers / 315mm 4-pot callipers Suspention: Eibach Rims: Speedline Magnesium 8,2Jx19" Tires: Falken 235/35-19" Interior: Sparco, Recaro and a lot of carbon elements... BHP: 550 bhp++++++++

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