Video - Ford Elite 1974-1976 (Luxury in HD)

Videa Ford Coupé Ford Elite 1974-1976 (Luxury in HD)

Ford Elite 1974-1976 (Luxury in HD)

Here is a Facebook Elite's group for anyone who wants to join.. This classic car is one of the largest two doors coupe ever made with almost 19 feet long. This video shows 1974 Gran Torino Elite and 1975 1976 Elite. In '75, the word Elite became a brand on its own. These giant personal luxury cars were once sailing highways and now became relics of a past where size mixed with style was a must. This bodystyle was the same one as the Mercury Cougar and the Thunderbird of the same year. The only difference was the front end and the shape of the opera window. This model was mainly competing against the Chevrolet Monte Carlo of its time.

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