Video - Ford Edge w/ MagnaFlow Catback system (Crank-up,Idle)

Videa Ford Edge Ford Edge w/ MagnaFlow Catback system (Crank-up,Idle)

Ford Edge w/ MagnaFlow Catback system (Crank-up,Idle)

This is my 08 Ford Edge Limited after installing a MagnaFlow cat-back system. This system is designed to bolt-on to the existing OEM hangar. Purchased from, this custom muffler from Magnaflow has increased my gas milage from 23 to 26 mpg on the highway. Horsepower is also increased, especially on take off. I have managed to post 3 videos from my iPhone featuring my installation. The first is the Crank and Idle video, the second is an acceleration from stop, the third is a drive by. I hope this helps other Ford owners who are considering making this purchase. Installation is very simple. I paid a local garage $30 and it took a total of 30 minutes to install it. The sound is a pleasant growl and the Magnaflow system is very low key, but deep, during acceleration. I am very pleased with the effects of the installation and proud to have my Magnaflow cat-back system! The sound, power and savings was just what I was hoping for. Also Kudos to eTrailor who got it to me from across the country in 4 days, free shipping, and a 15% discount beyond other authorized distributors. Total price for this modification was $580.00. (Be sure and look for my OEM muffle on sale at Ebay for $750, because they retail new from Ford for $950! :) Happy Customer

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