Video - Ford EcoSport, the 'right sized' compact SUV

Videa Ford EcoSport Ford EcoSport, the 'right sized' compact SUV

Ford EcoSport, the 'right sized' compact SUV Ford Ecosport has been unveiled today at a grandsome event at Taj Palace in New Delhi. This is the first official glimpse of Ford Ecosport across the globe and there are no doubts that the SUV is heart-throbbing. The model shown is actually the next generation Ecosport and the earlier generation was there in many global markets excluding India. Introducing the global product first time in India is probably a sign of great automobile market. Very stylish and trendy Ecosport is affixed with 1liter 3 cylinder petrol engine delivering 120ps power and 170Nm torque with super low Co2 emission levels of 140g/km in India. Though it is petite, the Ecoboost engine is capable of developing power similar to a bigger 1.6-litre motor in Fiesta. The Kinetic Design on the Ecosport resembles the design on many Ford cars now. Ford Ecosport price can range between Rs 7 lakh-Rs 9 lakh as the crossover will enjoy excise benefits for being sub 4 metre in length.

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