Video - Ford Cummins conversion - Video #2 -- The Cummins is in!

Videa Ford T Ford Cummins conversion - Video #2 -- The Cummins is in!

Ford Cummins conversion - Video #2 -- The Cummins is in!

The Cummins is in! Now I just have to wire it up. This was not a bad swap at all, everything went as planned. it only took me 2 days, about 10 hours total. If you are considering doing this swap I reccommend getting everything you need all at once, it just makes things easier. Total cost was ~$6000 for everything needed. Parts List: - 24V 5.9l ISB Cummins Engine with only 9K miles out of a freight liner - PCS transmission controller (I got it from ford cummins because if I need any assistance I know that they will answer the phone when I call.) - Ford Cummins engine mounts - Ford Cummins sensor bushing kit - Ford Cummins down pipe and 3" V-band clamp - Destroked transmission adapter - Destroked billet flywheel - Destroked tachometer kit - Destroked 6.0l gear reduction starter (You don't have to grind a hole in your transmission if you use this starter... but you do have to grind a small chunk off of the engine block tho, it only takes 5 minutes and does not hurt anything) - Misc. hardware ~$30 Since I used a Cummins out of an industrial truck (freight liner) I had to get the following parts too: - Dodge application oil pan and pick-up tube - ECM - A throttle pedal from an F650 that had a Cummins (everything will be "fly by wire" no cables involved) - Dodge style PS/VAC pump



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