Video - Ford Capri Mk1 - 160 Hp - Pinto Race Engine

Videa Ford Capri Ford Capri Mk1 - 160 Hp - Pinto Race Engine

Ford Capri Mk1 - 160 Hp - Pinto Race Engine

My Capri mk1 GT with Pinto engine and Brainless Exhaust System 3" Selfmade with Hks Muffler and Fk dumper and Magnaflow with Race Headers. Sounds great for an Pinto OHC Engine. Stainless Steel. The engine is modified by my self and have a lot of Horsepower. Never was on the roll, but i Dragraced again a Bmw E36 325 with 192Hp and I was faster by 1 second on the 1/4 Mile. Crazy Sound with Wheelspin in 2. Gear. On the Hockenheim Race Track the car beats a Maserati Biturbo and some old Porsche 911. The Car is Street Legal. Tyres are Federal SS595 with 205/60 R13 - great tyres for a good price. In future the car maybe become a capri turbo with a k04 turbocharger. The engine is a ohc pinto like in the escort mk2 rs2000 rally cars. but no 16v cosworth engine and no 1800rs. It could be good to drive rallyes too to be an rally car. the cars weight is only 890kg so the handling is really great! I wishI could buy the Federal 595 RS-R in the right dimension.

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