Video - Ford Capri 3.0s essex V6 - On Board Video + Restoration

Videa Ford Capri Ford Capri 3.0s essex V6 - On Board Video + Restoration

Ford Capri 3.0s essex V6 - On Board Video + Restoration

GasFlowedProductions ---- Hi People, thanks for all your comments on the first video, this is a brand new youtube channel so all the comments and subs help a lot :D This is some more in car video of the ford Capri 3.0l essex v6 in action and towards the end you'll some pictures of the restoration. This was our very first project and took a couple of years to complete and we learned a lot since then. Despite the fact we were still learning the end result was fantastic and the paint job has no fish eyes or marks. We have moved on since them pictures and now have our own proper workshop in which we have already completed another project a 1973 Classic Mini Clubman with 1998 rover cooper sport 1.3 mpi engine ( SUBSCRIBE now to see more videos on that ) And our current project is a ford fiesta xr2 race car ( Has a nice story behind it ), which we have just started, we plan on recording our progress so you guys can experience all the pro's and cons of building a race car with us :D So please comment , rate and subscribe to our new channel Gas Flowed Productions

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