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Ford Archive Gems - Classic Adverts

To buy the DVD go to: Fascinating to funny, collectable to corny -- this is a unusual and rare glimpse into the Ford film archives. This volume in the Ford Archive Gems series brings together an extensive collection of classic adverts and promotional films discovered in the vaults of the legendary car-maker. From black and white information films to stylish colour adverts, this film, introduced by motoring expert Simon Taylor, charts some of the best-known Ford models, and the bold attempts to sell them. Everything from the infamous Edsel to the iconic XR3i, all the greats are here -- the Capri, the Escort, the Mustang, the Prefect, the Anglia and the Three Graces -- the Zodiac, Zephyr and Consul -- to name just a few. Plus Formula One great Sir Jackie Stewart and touring car legend Andy Rouse make guest appearances in this unique collection -- even Jackie's family take a turn as the Stewart clan tries out the Taunus for size. Drawing from Ford's advertising in the US, UK and France, this extraordinary collection will evoke fond memories, a broad grin or out-loud laughter.

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