Video - For Sale 1999 Ford Ranger 5.0 walk around

Videa Ford Ranger For Sale 1999 Ford Ranger 5.0 walk around

For Sale 1999 Ford Ranger 5.0 walk around

1999 Ford Ranger 5.0 306 v8 FOR SALE $5500 OBO truck has 80500 miles on truck engine was installed at 59059 miles so it has a little over 21000 miles on the engine and trans and is still running strong! It is an ROLLER 5.0 from an '87 F-150 (bored .030 over with new flat top pistons)with GT-40 heads from a '93 cobra. it has a mild Crane Cams Camshaft in it which is good for mileage and midrange power. The AOD (4 speeds) has a TCI street/strip kit in it with a B&M 2200 Stall converter. Also has a Holley 600cfm vac sec carb with an Edelbrock performer intake and Crane ignition system with Crane Race distributor that has adjustible timing advance curves and settings. and also Ford Racing 9mm plug wires. It has a big Aluminum Radiator and a Flex fan to keep it cool (180 on hot days, 170 on cooler days). but also has two 10" Electric fans that are wired to a switch. I has new tires on it now t(uniroyal liberator ta's)that are different from this video. This truck did fine in winter and will do even better with the new uniroyal's. The exhaust is Headers with 2.5" collectors into 2.5" pipes to Flowmaster 40 series mufflers. A few months ago i drove it to my uncle's lake in missouri which was 310 miles one way and got 23mpg! i have never had any problems since i good parts on the truck and spent nearly 7000 on just the engine and transmission alone. if you have any questions just comment on this video and i will get back to you.

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