Video - FOR SALE - 1957 Ford Thunderbird "E-Bird" (ClassicAuto Showplace)

Videa Ford Thunderbird FOR SALE - 1957 Ford Thunderbird "E-Bird" (ClassicAuto Showplace)

FOR SALE - 1957 Ford Thunderbird "E-Bird" (ClassicAuto Showplace)

Year: 1957 Model: Thunderbird Stock Number: 8723 Price: $89500.00 Mileage: 29680 Transmission: 2 Speed Auto Exterior Color: Robin Egg Blue CALIFORNIA "E CODE" Ford produced the first generation Thunderbirds in 1955, 1956 and 1957. They were actually produced on an assembly line in Dearborn, Michigan. This Thunderbird we offer is an "E Code". built car, meaning it has a package that includes duel 4 barrel carburetors with duel air cleaners, aluminum intake manifold, modified heads and cam, as well as a heavy duty Fordomatic transmission. This special engine develops 285HP from a 312 cubic inch V8 block. Of the 21380 T-birds built in 1957, there were only 1363 of the "E-Code" cars made. The original blue exterior paint was redone in 2006. This car comes with both hard and soft tops, and is equipped with P/S, P/B, P/top and tinted glass.

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