Video - Flea Market Haul for 9-9-12

Videa Ford Coupé Flea Market Haul for 9-9-12

Flea Market Haul for 9-9-12

Decent size haul of some cool stuff I found this week at one of my local flea Markets. Note , I dont show the HWC stuff and rare old hiway hauler etc until end of video so you may want to check it all out ;) . This was my first stop at this somewhat newer flea market. I want to say thanks again to Tim! and all the guys at the flea market, they were all very friendly and fair with their prices. I will definitely go back to buy cars from those guys and send people their way. The HWC cars - 69 Camaro real riders series, Hiway Hauler real riders series, 40 Ford coupe neo classics.. *Also a 16 car carrying case from HWC/RLC (new condition, limited case) Other Limiteds - McDonalds Hiway Hauler (7000 pieces) Great 8's Passion (20000 pieces) There are also several older blackwalls loose and some old 80s and 90s carded stuff. such as a 31 Doozie and GMC Motorhome and Kentworth rig.. also first edition Ghia, classics Ghia, hot ones Sunagon, Sam Walton truck, and many other pieces.



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