Video - Fiesta heater valve removal - PART 2

Videa Ford KA Fiesta heater valve removal - PART 2

Fiesta heater valve removal - PART 2

Part 2 of my tutorial showing how to remove the failure-prone heater valve unit as fitted to the Ford Fiesta, Ka and Puma models. PLEASE NOTE - COOLANT WAS DRAINED BEFORE REMOVING HOSES & HEATER VALVE. I will show this process in a separate video. Please check my earlier videos where I describe the symptoms and causes. The car in the video is a 1999 Fiesta 1.3 with the Endura-E OHV petrol engine. Luckily on these cars the heater valve and heater matrix are easily accessed which makes the removal and refit quite straight forward compared to some cars I have worked on. Remember - if you've never worked on a car before then don't rush, study the manuals, take digital photos so you know where everything goes, make notes but most importantly of all - enjoy knowing that you've saved a bundle of cash by repairing your own car. This series of videos is for demonstration purposes only and may not show the manufacturer approved repair methods.



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