Video - Fiesta heater valve removal - PART 1

Videa Ford KA Fiesta heater valve removal - PART 1

Fiesta heater valve removal - PART 1

Part 1 of my tutorial showing how to remove the failure-prone heater valve unit as fitted to the Ford Fiesta, Ka and Puma models. PLEASE NOTE - COOLANT WAS DRAINED BEFORE REMOVING HOSES & HEATER VALVE. I will show this process in a separate video. The popular Fiesta is a great used buy but there are some important things you must be aware of if thinking of buying one or the similar Ka. See my other vids. The car in the video is a 1999 Fiesta 1.3 with the Endura-E OHV petrol engine. As cars go, this is as simple and cheap to run as you can get. However as it has the Endura-E OHV lump it does need regular servicing & coolant changes to remain in top condition. Some older or basic trim Fiestas lack temperature gauges and rely on a warning light. This is why it's vitally important to carry out weekly checks of the coolant (see my blogsite) and replace every few years (depending on type of coolant mix) Luckily on these cars the heater valve and heater matrix are easily accessed which makes the removal and refit quite straight forward compared to some cars I have worked on. Remember - if you've never worked on a car before then don't rush, study the manuals, take digital photos so you know where everything goes, make notes but most importantly of all - enjoy knowing that you've saved a bundle of cash by repairing your own car. This series of videos is for demonstration purposes only and may not show the manufacturer approved repair methods. More videos in this series to follow ...



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