Video - F2 Procharged Ford GT Supercar 1452rwhp

Videa Ford GT F2 Procharged Ford GT Supercar 1452rwhp

F2 Procharged Ford GT Supercar 1452rwhp

F2 procharged, e85, 331'' motor turns up to 8500rpms (Thanks JOHN KING for borrowing me the motor) 1 7/8 into 2'' step headers and 3.5'' exhaust. zr1 carbon brakes, 21*13 rear wheels and 20*9 fronts. Big stuff 3 computer, magnafuel fuel system, Davis Traction control and J&S Electronics. Big thanks to Procharger(DAVE W), Fox Lake power products, Andy Wicks of Dyno Tune USA, Magnafuel, Innovators west, Billet Atomizer Injectors, Dick Trondson for helping put the motor together, My brother Derek and our Business Schoneck Composites, 360 Forged, Apt Machining, John Mihovetz from Accufab, racecraft, Davis Traction Control, J&S Electronics, Bryant Crank Shaft, dss drive shafts, Diamond Pistons and all those who have helped.

Procharger, Innovators west, Schoneck Composites, Dan Schoneck, Billet Atomizer Injectors, Fox lake power products, Magnafuel, Big Stuff 3, Dynotune USA, 360 Forged, dss drive shafts



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