Video - F100 Western Nationals Friday Cruise 2011

Videa Ford TRUCK F - F100 Western Nationals Friday Cruise 2011

F100 Western Nationals Friday Cruise 2011

A short video of the Friday Cruise hosted by Pickups Limited, Orange County. The cruise departed Ayres Hotel in Yorba Linda early Friday before the Saturday F100 Western Nationals show. We visited TCI, Total Cost Involved Engineering, in Ontario California. TCI makes suspension upgrades, components and full frames for many hot rod cars and trucks. From TCI we had lunch at Vince's Spaghetti, also in Ontario. Vince's has been serving great Italian food for ever. Our final stop was SoCal Speed Shop in Pomona. SoCal first opened for business in 1946. They had some pretty cool projects on hand. After the run we finished with dinner at El Torito next to the Ayres Hotel. It was a fun filled, jam packed day, to say the least.

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