Video - EVILXA - Revamped and Smokin' Hot

Videa Ford Falcon EVILXA - Revamped and Smokin' Hot

EVILXA - Revamped and Smokin' Hot

EVILXA was looking a bit sad after hitting a barrier at Summernats and a few burnout fires (we show fire footage from Gazzanats), so Peter Grmusa has given the XA Ute a birthday and covered it in a mix of PPG Vibrance (Key Lime green & white by Auto Passion) and vinyl wrap (by Bling Designs). He invited us out to watch his debut burnout at a small gathering at an undisclosed location. As you can see he's got plenty of grunt thanks to the Powerhouse-built 530ci big block, but still manages to control it beautifully in the tight confines of the space provided.



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