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Videa Ford Windstar Ellen, We Need A New Car!

Ellen, We Need A New Car!

Our submission to Ellen's car contest. We drive a 1998 Ford Windstar minivan that we inherited after my grandpa passed away; our family was rapidly expanding (we were expecting twins!) and we knew we'd need a vehicle large enough to carry us all on our frequent visits to our families 300 miles away. We were so grateful for the help and we have since eked out every last mile we could get out of the van. We've replaced the windshield twice (stupid hail!), had new brake lines, belts and an alternator put in, replaced the tires and battery and I've worked on the fuel and radiator system myself in hopes of saving money (it didn't work). The head gasket is blown and will cost more than the van is worth to replace, so we tried to use a sealant as a temporary fix but that didn't work either. And after all that is considered, we still need to actually replace the head gasket, put in new brakes and pads, fix the alignment and fix whatever makes it so that the sliding door won't open (despite Ford's multiple attempts to fix the issue), the locks don't work, and the air conditioning blows hot air and the heater only works in the front. Last month we knew we were not going to be able to run the van for much longer and the kids and my wife could no longer safely go anywhere without fear that they might break down somewhere along the way. The sliding door stopped opening long ago and the only way in and out was behind the driver's seat or out the back door (which is obviously a huge ...



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