Video - DuPont Cromax Pro on 2001 ford taurus

Videa Ford T DuPont Cromax Pro on 2001 ford taurus

DuPont Cromax Pro on 2001 ford taurus

paint code FS on a 2001 ford taurus in cromax pro waterborne basecoat. topped with rubber seal rs-6100 euro clear (2:1) complete roof on our loaner car I am currently in New England and relocating to San Antonio. If you are in need of a good painter that is very experienced, message me. I do not smoke, drink, or use drugs and I have never been in trouble. Please do not message me asking stats on the cars in the videos or to ask tips. This video is not a tutorial and I do not give techniques or advice. Please don't message me and ask "how do I...". I don't mean to be rude, but I am not a qualified educator and there are TONS of safety, health, and environmental issues involved with auto body repair and paint.

dupont cromax pro, paint code FS, rubber seal clear, rs-6100 euro clear, paint and body



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