Video - Dunton Track & Car Display Day 2010

Videa Ford Escort Dunton Track & Car Display Day 2010

Dunton Track & Car Display Day 2010

A charity event for Little Havens at the classic Ford Dunton test track in Laindon, Essex. People could pay to be a passenger in a supercar and do two laps. I had a go in the Dodge Viper seen here (car 92) and it reminder me a bit of my Vette I used to have. It reached 120mph along the main straight, and the banked corners were amazing.

My Escort XR3 (YNO) was part of the classic car display. There were other attractions too such as Fun Fair rides, simulators, Go-Karts, live bands, and various stalls. It happens each year, so why not go next time and support a good cause?

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