Video - Does a Reva G-Wiz fit inside a Ford Transit?

Videa Ford Transit Does a Reva G-Wiz fit inside a Ford Transit?

Does a Reva G-Wiz fit inside a Ford Transit?

For original blog post, click here: Last month after helping a customer relocate to London, my "Ethic Ranger" friend and some times helper, decided to make the most of the empty van space back to Dublin and in the interest of promoting the use of electric cars in Ireland, put his mind at winning an auction on Ebay for a G-Wiz Reva electric car, his bid was the winner so off he went to the UK in a regular Long Wheel Base, High Roof Transit 350, with two ramps which I usually use for Piano transport and straps in tow. The same night he won the auction, the car was already posted for sale on some popular Irish classified sites and he had a buyer lined up before he even disembarked back in Dublin. It was probably the best value in its class available in Ireland, after all, this wasn't a venture for profit, but more for the good of the Earth! To give you an idea, this is the same guy who's currently on day 15 of a 21 (at least) water fast, that means he's had nothing for the past 15 days but water! He's also eaten 70 bananas in one day before and can do a very respectable amount of chin-ups, only using the middle finger of each hand. He can also easily win in a 3 on 1 basketball game with a banana in one hand while dribbling the ball in the other, amongst other things from this Lithuanian farmers son! The buyer kindly recorded the unloading upon delivery and we got footage of the loading process too. It was a bit low on battery so needed a bit of a push to get ...

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