Video - DJ's 91 Mustang Coupe Trick Flow Stage 1 cam

Videa Ford Coupé DJ's 91 Mustang Coupe Trick Flow Stage 1 cam

DJ's 91 Mustang Coupe Trick Flow Stage 1 cam

91 Mustang lx 5.0 very nice car brand new trans t-5, trick flow stage 1 cam, 1.7 roller rockers, holley 70mm throttle body spacer, brand new paint ford performance white factory color 10-25-09, 355 geared, short throw shifter, sunpro tach,msd box wired, msd distributor, 26 lb injectors,bbk headers,gt 40 super swirl heads, gt 40 upper and lower intake, bored 30 over,srp aluminum pistons,cold air intake k and n,x-pipe & flowmasters, ford racing plug wires, smoke front head lights,eibach shocks all the way around, 17 in rims black with a chrome lip, been converted to 5 lug all the way around, drilled and slotted roter in front, aluminum driveshaft, has duel gauge pod pillar, has cold AC & heat & defrost works...150 something thousand miles, 8500 on the engine

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