Video - DIY 1999 Ford Taurus Duratec 3.0 Repairs...Finally!

Videa Ford Taurus DIY 1999 Ford Taurus Duratec 3.0 Repairs...Finally!

DIY 1999 Ford Taurus Duratec 3.0 Repairs...Finally!

OK, Finally tuned up the Taurus. As I stated in my earlier video, the car has run on the original wires, plugs, fuel filter, trans filter, etc up to 182000+ miles! It started hesitating last week when if got a little warmer outside. Well, it was time for a complete tune up. The trans had also been shifting funny, kind of hunting around for gears, in and out of overdrive and stuff like that. I started out by checking out what transmission it had and also my plan of attack for getting the rear three spark plugs out. There is just no room even for my hand not to mention a wrench or socket! I gathered up my parts Friday for $120. This was for 6 Premium Autolite Platinum Plugs, Premium 8mm Wire Set, Tube of Sealing Grease, Transmission Filter and Gasket, 7 Quarts of Transmission Fluid, and a Fuel Filter. I started the job Friday after work. I pulling the plenum off after disconnecting the EGR valve, the air intake boot, and some wires and hoses. 6 small bolts and the intake lifted right off. Once out of the way, I started changing the plugs along the front of the engine and then the rear plugs. I put the old wires back on the plugs to change them later so as not to mix them up. I then changed the wires and transferred the heat collars from the old wires to the new wires. I finished that job in about two hours. That's all I did Friday. Saturday morning I started cleaning the intake runners and plenum. That was a BIG job and took about 4 hours. I used a shop vac, some STP spray ...

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