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Videa Ford Coupé Dirt Showdown: Hoonigan Trailer

Dirt Showdown: Hoonigan Trailer

Hooning is back, and it's even more hoony. It'll release on May 24 in mainland Europe and on May 29 in the US. The publisher's also announced a demo of the racer will release on Xbox Live Marketplace, PSN and Steam on May 1. The taster will consist of both a single-player and multiplayer event. The demo will come with support for RaceNet, Codemasters' new online hub for its racing games going forward as the publisher's new racing brand Codemasters Racing, also announced today. A special edition is also set to launch for the game, known as the Hoonigan Edition. The Hoonigan Edition will come with unique packaging, an in-game cash boost, an online XP multiplier, Monster Energy liveries for the Kohler D350, Duke Coupe and Ford Fiesta Gymkhana 3 and Hoonigan liveries for the Holbrook Growler, Logan Vulture and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X JUN.

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