Video - Dirt 3 Ken Block GYMKHANA Ford Fiesta part 2

Videa Ford Fiesta Dirt 3 Ken Block GYMKHANA Ford Fiesta part 2

Dirt 3 Ken Block GYMKHANA Ford Fiesta part 2

See DiRT 3's incredible all-new Gymkhana game mode in action in the stunning DC Compound Gymkhana Trailer video, captured entirely from in-game footage. In the video Ken Block's Gymkhana THREE Ford Fiesta powerslides under lorries, crashes through boxes and leaps across huge jumps in a breathtaking, tyre-shredding masterclass of car control. The DiRT 3 video opens with WRC driver Ken Block leading the field as his iconic Monster Energy-branded Ford Fiesta rally car kicks up a dust storm in a sundried Kenyan rally stage. Seamlessly hurtling into a torrential downpour on a muddy Finnish lakeside course, Block then jumps into a Norwegian stage that's thick with snow. Racing onto tarmac, a Ford RS200 classic rallycross car races into view and goes head-to-head with Block and a Mitsubishi Evo X in rallycross spec in the hills above Monaco. The pace then changes as man and machine demonstrates what the very best drivers can do with a rally car in a Gymkhana-style performance. Set in the open environment of London's disused Battersea Power Station, this skills showpiece delivers a new layer of depth to the DiRT series' variety of action-sports racing. PRE-ORDER TODAY: DiRT 3 - 2011 DiRT 3 - First Look: DC Compound Gymkhana In-Game Trailer | HD Developer: Codemasters Release Date: Q2, 2011 Genre: Extreme, Racing Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Publisher: Codemasters Website:



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