Video - DiRT 3 - Disastrous Ford RS200 Crash - Finland

Videa Ford RS200 DiRT 3 - Disastrous Ford RS200 Crash - Finland

DiRT 3 - Disastrous Ford RS200 Crash - Finland

In this video, I accidentally crashed and flipped a Ford RS200 rally car upon a Finland stage during gameplay of an Xbox 360 game known as DiRT 3. This disastrous crash was not deliberate for affect, it just occurred when I turned the Ford into a left-handed corner a little to early and the vehicle hit the rock and due to the angle and shapes of the terrain, the rules of physics sent my rally car sailing into the air where it flipped and rolled over several times. It seems I was lucky to drive away from this accident, although I think my Ford RS200 had seen better days! The Ford RS200 is a very good rally car with an abundance of power and the short wheelbase means that the vehicle is extremely agile and goes round corners very well, but perhaps on this occasion, I was getting a bit carried away with the speed and I did not for the life of me see this coming! I hope you enjoyed this DiRT 3 crash footage, it certainly took me by surprise!

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