Video - CSVT on Pass Time!!

Videa Ford Contour CSVT on Pass Time!!

CSVT on Pass Time!!

This is Ryan Yoder's 2000 Ford Contour SVT Turbo on Speed's Pass Time. The reason he only ran a 14.9 is the day before the show, he ran the car and hyper-extended the axle. He was running on a stock axle so he was taking it easy. I apologize for the quality, I don't have a Dazzle card yet. **EDIT! I guess I need to clarify a few things for people that cannot read. As for the slow time, LOOK ABOVE Also,anyone with half a brain and that knows about these cars knows that THEY DO NOT GO FAST IN A STRAIGHT LINE! Another thing. AS STATED ABOVE, THIS IS NOT MY CAR! Stop posting "My stock Honduh vee-tach can smoke your car!" I don't care. This is merely a video to say "Hey cool! A Contour SVT was on TV!" And nothing more.** **SHOW IS COPYRIGHT OF SPEED CHANNEL. THIS IS JUST A RECORDING OF A PARTIAL EPISODE. I DO NOT OWN NOR DO I CLAIM TO OWN ANY PART OF THIS SHOW**

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