Video - Cougar in the twisties (Part 1)

Videa Ford Cougar Cougar in the twisties (Part 1)

Cougar in the twisties (Part 1)

A couple months ago I went on a drive with various car groups around Phoenix up to Prescott, AZ. We decided to take the "scenic" route through the Bradshaw Mountains. Unfortunately, since I was first in line, I was the first one the cop saw, which got me separated from the rest of the group. This left me all on my own for the drive, which actually made it a bit more relaxing honestly. Thankfully traffic was fairly light, with only a couple of "rolling chicanes" that wouldn't pull over reasonably. This is Part 1 of the video, since Youtube has their lovely 10 minute limit. The video was taken using a StickyPod stuck to the rear quarter window.

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