Video - Carisma M14 Ford GT R/C Stunts/Crashes

Videa Ford GT Carisma M14 Ford GT R/C Stunts/Crashes

Carisma M14 Ford GT R/C Stunts/Crashes

This is the Carisma remote control M14 series licensed Ford GT, with a handful of aftermarket parts and a top speed of over 175 scale MPH. Video is a montage of driving, high speed footage, montage of crashes and ramp jumps set to music.

I wasn't able to actually get it to full speed here (can see why in the third clip, no traction) so I can't really say how fast this car can go. I can say that it'll take a beating in stride though. Fixed up the body after filming this, it was looking pretty busted towards the end.

Music is creative commons for commercial use and additionally I have express permission from the artist to use it.

Song Information:

Title: Nanowar

Artist: NanowaR of Steel




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