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Videa Ford C-Max C-MAX Holiday Challenge 2012

C-MAX Holiday Challenge 2012

With the holiday season in full swing, we decided to plan something special to capture the spirit of giving and give back to those less fortunate. And Tamara McPherson, creator of, and Joey deVilla, the "Accordion Guy" and CTO of Top Right Corner graciously donated their time to help! We gave Tamara and Joey $1000 each along with a 2013 C-MAX for the day to use as their sleighs to pick up toys for the Salvation Army's 17th Annual Toy Mountain Drive. Joey was behind the wheel of the C-MAX Energi, and Tamara drove the C-MAX Hybrid. We even threw in a pair of energetic elves, Jingle and Belle, to lend a hand to help Tamara and Joey. To read the whole blog post, check out See the Ford C-MAX @ http Follow us on Twitter @ Join the Conversation @ Check our Blog @



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