Video - Bullish? New Ford Taurus SEL Full Test by Inside Line

Videa Ford Taurus Bullish? New Ford Taurus SEL Full Test by Inside Line

Bullish? New Ford Taurus SEL Full Test by Inside Line

FOR FULL TAURUS ARTICLE @ INSIDELINE.COM: Car Prices & Info: Join our Twitter Feed com See Hi-Res Videos: side-line If the big American car is so evil, why is it that everybody is going to so much trouble to make them? If you're just driving to the grocery store, you won't get what the 2010 Ford Taurus Limited is about. It's almost too big to fit into the new breed of narrow parking spaces they've got down there. You'll just have to park in the far corner of the big lot at Meijer and hope they send a tram to shuttle you to the door. Instead you've got to lift your horizons and drive across the country on a summer vacation, maybe see those 40-foot statues of Paul Bunyan and eat that bad barbecue. It turns out that American cars really invented all this high-speed stuff that European brands associate with autoroutes, autostradas and motorways. You want a nice long wheelbase, some weight to suppress ride motions and a useful amount of lead at the tip of the arrow. No surprise then that the Ford Taurus is utterly unflustered by highway travel. What is a surprise is how well it does the job, as its tires practically dance over seams in the pavement. Nothing else that pretends to be an affordable American sedan can match this car on the open road.

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