Video - Brute Force: Ford Shelby GT500 v Hennessey Camaro

Videa Ford Shelby Brute Force: Ford Shelby GT500 v Hennessey Camaro

Brute Force: Ford Shelby GT500 v Hennessey Camaro

FOR FULL COMPARISON @ INSIDELINE.COM: Hennessey Camaro Dyno Test Video: Hennessey Camaro SS Video: These are the heavy hitters. The big dogs. They're not playmakers or finesse artists and they don't dish out assists. If the 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 is Dick Butkus snuffing out a Jim Brown thrust up the middle, then the 2010 Hennessey Performance Engineering Chevy Camaro SS HPE550 is Lawrence Taylor with radar lock on Joe Theismann's right leg. And it's not just that they're powerful and merciless, but intentionally provocative and intimidating, too. On looks alone, either of these cars is enough to make the drivers of other machines cower like a three-legged Labradoodle. They are, of course, muscle cars in the rawest, most vicious sense of the term. And they're quicker, faster, meaner and flat nastier than anything built back when Ol' Shel and Don Yenko were just guys. And not by a little bit either. But which is the better beast? To find out, we drove these two all-Americans on the street, at our test track and on the Dynojet chassis dyno at MD Automotive in Westminster, California. Then we did some big smoky burnouts just to piss off the Sierra Club. By the time we were through, Greenpeace had threatened to blockade the Inside Line garage and the Obama administration was seriously considering a unilateral deployment of the fun police. Didn't matter. By then the tires were shot and we had our winner.

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