Video - Blown FLATHEAD! RADICAL CAM! CHROME THUNDER 1932 Ford Roadster!

Videa Ford Corsair Blown FLATHEAD! RADICAL CAM! CHROME THUNDER 1932 Ford Roadster!


McCulloch Supercharged 41 Ford Flathead V-8!! This is a flathead- the Ardun valve covers are actually simply covers that we had cast. And the video is by amateurs. CHROME THUNDER, an early production 1932 Ford DeLuxe Roadster, was bought by my uncle, a WW-II Navy pilot, in 1946. It became one of the legendary hot rods that burned up the streets of Memphis during the 1940's to mid 50's. Street racing was king then, and uncle Walter raced this car on Main Street in downtown Memphis as well as the former B-17 bomber base at Halls, TN where drag racing east of the Miss. began in 1946. A practical joker, Walter frequently fueled the car with skywriting gas and drove through downtown Memphis-smokin' out the streets in retaliation for local coppers ruthless harassment hot rodders. Parked in 1962, the car sat for over 40 years. We rolled the car out of its resting place in 2003 and the car took to the streets again in 2005. The supercharger oil seal failed 3 yrs ago, and we decided to install an experimental cam based on the old KR Wilson Harley Davidson cams. It was ground in the 1960's for veteran Bonneville World Record holder Paul Kosma. This cam is one of the MOST radical flathead cams to date. The light spot on the right door is where the clear paint has peeled back. WE buffed the body and applied clear which has become quite dull over the last few yrs. This winter, the original steel body, which features lead work done by my dad Captain Jack II in 1959, will be re ...

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