Video - Bisimoto Tuning of ITB'd Ford GT V8

Videa Ford GT Bisimoto Tuning of ITB'd Ford GT V8

Bisimoto Tuning of ITB'd Ford GT V8

This is a video of a dyno sweep of Tim's Ford GT, after a partial throttle tune using the powerful AEM EMS, all the way from England. Sync'ing of the 8 throttle plates, and optimizing fuel and ignition parameters were critical for this naturally aspirated powerplant. This V-8 ford engine made 509whp and 488 ft/lbs of torque, with impecaable drivability, significantly improved from when the client first came in. Tuning is more than just peak power numbers: drivability and partial throttle response is also key. 60% of tuning clients coming to the Bisimoto facility is to improve on tunes from other dynamometers and street tunes.



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