Video - Australian Ford Falcon XB GT ( Genuine JG66 )

Videa Ford Falcon Australian Ford Falcon XB GT ( Genuine JG66 )

Australian Ford Falcon XB GT ( Genuine JG66 )

1975 Australian Ford Falcon XB GT driving to the 2007 Adirondack Nationals Nationals ( ) located in Lake George, NY. A total of 949 XB GT coupes were manufactured, with only 123 being produced in 1975. This particular genuine JG66Aussie GT Falcon was imported by the owner in January of 2000 and has been located in New York ever since. There are a few minor modifications made, such as the Hurst shifter ( notice the left hand grip ) and the XY GT boot emblem, placed there in an attempt to quill questions of the type of car it is by Americans not familiar with the model. The chrome bumpers on this GT were factory option that the original owner selected and was comfirmed by Ford Australia.

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