Video - ArmA 2 - Police Chase in MP [HD]

Videa Ford Corsair ArmA 2 - Police Chase in MP [HD]

ArmA 2 - Police Chase in MP [HD]

Two police cars vs a green skoda. A selection of clips from a fun time in Multiplayer chasing a suspect down. We used the say command to make a siren (thanks to SomeBloke). The video features The Bill theme tune, credit goes to them for such an awesome theme. PLEASE NOTE: Any FPS lag you notice is because of Fraps recording. When I turn my head too much it has to try and load a lot of data alongside saving the Fraps data - My hard drive is crap compared to the rest of my system. My Specs *********** Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 Motherboard 6GB Corsair Tripple channel RAM Nvidia GTX 285 Intel i7 Core Extreme 965 @3.2GHz (Cost me

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