Video - Amp Wiring: Explained ('97 Ford Ranger)

Videa Ford Ranger Amp Wiring: Explained ('97 Ford Ranger)

Amp Wiring: Explained ('97 Ford Ranger)

Decided to make this video to hopefully help out some people who may be confused about wiring an amplifier. I tried to make this video simpler than others on YouTube that make it seem more complicated than it really is. Just incase you didn't understand anything I said in the video, here is a rundown of what I was saying:

  • Power Cable (1:33): Provides power to the amplifier; Runs from the battery (fuse end goes here), through the firewall, and into the cabin where it hooks to the 12v terminal on the amp. *The power cable needs to be run on the opposite side of the RCA and speaker cables to prevent engine noise*
  • Ground Cable (2:18): Runs from the amp terminal to bare metal. The connection needs to be secure, and the surface should usually be sanded before installation to ensure proper grounding.
  • Remote Cable (3:00): Runs from amp terminal to the headunit's wiring harness, usually where it connects to a blue/blue and white stripe wire that has a warning label attached. The purpose of this wire is to turn the amplifier on and off in conjunction with the headunit.
  • RCA Cables (4:08): These run from the preamp outs on the back of the headunit to the terminals on the amplifier. Nowadays there are more than one pair of preamps on the back of a headunit so make sure you are connecting to the right ones. If you are wiring for a subwoofer you need to make sure to use the correctly labeled preamp, and for anything else, make sure it is not the aforementioned preamp. *The RCA cables need to be run on the opposite side of the 12v power cable to avoid engine noise!*
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